Dendropark, Lori Berd, Armenian Alphabet Monument


Officially Sochut Dendropark named after Edmund Leonowicz, commonly knowns as Stepanavan Dendropark is an arboretum located near the Gyulagarak village, Lori Province, Armenia. Located around 85 km north of the capital Yerevan, the park was founded in 1931 by Polish engineer-forester Edmund Leonowicz. This collection expanded along the newly constructed footpaths and vistas which began to reach into the natural forest and is thought to be the first place in the Transcaucasus, where a natural forest landscape had been reshaped into a Forest Park.

Lori Berd

The fortress of Lori covers 35 hectares and is located on a peninsula along the deep gorge cut by the Dzoraget and Tashir rivers. Lori Berd is situated at an altitude of 1379 m above sea level. The deep gorges made it impossible to reach fortress on three sides. The tools, weapons, jewelry, various clay vessels, glassware, porcelain, ceramics, bone and stone items, coins found here prove that Lori has developed many branches of crafts. There are also items imported from other countries (in partiucular from Georgia, Middle Asia).

Armenian Alphabet Monument

When Mashtots began working on an Armenian alphabet, it was under great pressure so that it could be used to create a bible for the newly Christian kingdom. Elegantly planned, Mashtots laid out the structure of the alphabet around the religion. To honor his work, Armenian architect J. Torosyan created the stone carvings of every letter near Mashtots’ final resting place in 2005. Set against the backdrop of Armenia’s Mt. Aragats. The letters and a statue of Mashtots pay tribute to the complex and language, a national point of pride of Armenia.

DestinationArmenian Alphabet Monument, Lori Berd, Dendropark

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